Ask Us Anything.

Clients and Partners

Who does Purple work with?
Our clients include energy producers as well as midstream operators, mobile service providers, engineering firms, state and municipal agencies, and banks and trust departments. We’re proud to work with companies of all sizes and in all capacities, from flawlessly executing deals to offering strategic vision to educating the public.

What does Purple do?
Quite simply, we get the job done – extremely well. Our comprehensive land services, including lease negotiation; right-of-way acquisition; project management; GIS mapping; document review, verification and administrative processes; and title review and curative, are designed to provide the highest level of accuracy while also keeping costs low. Our services generate success for our clients, forming the basis of long-term, sustainable relationships that continue to grow over time.

Where does Purple operate?
We operate anywhere our clients need us to. We’re highly nimble, which means we can respond quickly to client requirements across the country. Currently, we have 11 offices nationwide, but we’re always exploring new opportunities. We can be anywhere our services are needed.

How does Purple use technology?
Our industry can sometimes be stuck in its ways. That’s why we constantly seek to find new approaches to achieve results better, faster and more cost-effectively. Technology is a key element – we know the value of data integration, and take our GIS services to the next level by creating multidimensional maps that provide real-time access to information from a host of perspectives. We also use hand-held devices to take that data to the field, where it can be updated in context. And we’ve implemented a sophisticated file-sharing system so we can establish virtual worksites that save our clients time and money.

What makes Purple different?
At Purple Land Management, our drive is our difference. We’re never content to rely on past successes or industry connections – instead, we approach each and every project with the goal of giving more than we take, striving to exceed expectations and achieve results that are truly extraordinary. Our passion for the business is fueled by a deep conviction that what we’re doing can make a real difference for our communities and our country by creating jobs and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. It’s why we get up in the morning. And it’s why we hold ourselves to such high standards.

Mineral Owners

If I own a piece of property, does that mean I own the minerals?
Not always. In some states, if you buy a piece of property and receive the rights to the minerals (usually visible in the warranty deed), then you own the minerals in addition to the surface. Sometimes, minerals are reserved (not sold) by someone selling a piece of property to another person. In this case, the new owner would only own the surface and not the minerals beneath the surface.

What is the difference between leasing and selling my mineral rights?
If you choose to lease your minerals to a producer/operator, it simply means you are allowing that company to produce minerals, such as natural gas, that you own within the terms outlined in an oil and gas lease. Leasing your minerals to a producer/operator for production purposes allows you to receive royalty payments if the well produces natural gas and it is sold at market. If you sell your minerals, most often when selling a piece of property, you no longer own the minerals and have no authority to lease, sell or produce those minerals.

What is Purple’s role in leasing my mineral rights?
PLM meets with mineral owners to inform them about natural gas exploration and production taking place in the areas where they own minerals. We also execute oil and gas leases on behalf of a producer/operator and provide title and curative services to clients.

Is Purple leasing in my neighborhood?
If you have been contacted by a leasing agent from Purple Land Management, by phone or mail, then we are leasing in your neighborhood. Please contact us if you are still unsure if we are leasing in your area.

Employees and Recruits

What’s the Purple culture?
Ambition is a hallmark of Purple Land Management. It’s what drives our aggressive commitment to exceptional service and superior results. We seek out excellence, foster a culture of collaboration and reward our employees for exceeding expectations.

What are some benefits of working at Purple?
With high standards come big rewards. Employees and independent contractors alike appreciate being part of something bigger than themselves and working together to educate and promote domestic energy production. We make a difference every day through the projects we are a part of. Purple prides itself on maintaining a workplace that is professional and rewarding, thereby increasing the retention rate that so many other companies struggle with.

Are there opportunities for employees to be involved in charitable work?
“Give more than you take” is Purple’s rallying cry, and it’s one we take very seriously. That means our company is actively engaged with a variety of charitable and nonprofit organizations, like TCU’s Energy Institute and Chancellor’s Advisory Council, the NGV Consortium, the Fort Worth Promotion & Development Fund, the Labre Society, One Warm Coat, Toys for Tots, and the Community Partners of Tarrant County. We also support our employees’ individual commitments to giving back as well.