Working Smarter and Harder.

In 2010, experienced industry professionals Bryan Cortney (CEO) and Jesse Hejny, founded Purple Land Management on a philosophy that was simple, but powerful: invest in success. Create the kind of company that rejects the “one-and-done” mentality. Inspire employees to accomplish more than they ever thought possible. And work to elevate the industry through an unwavering commitment to professional standards and ethics.

It’s these guiding principles that have put Purple Land Management on the fast track for exponential growth. A company that started as two men with lots of big ideas has become a nationwide network of landmen, with fully functioning offices in the country’s biggest energy regions – and the ability to be a presence anywhere clients need them. They’ve also grown the company’s client base by 450% since launching the business.

aapl-logoIt all comes down to a driving commitment to finding the most efficient ways to get the most accomplished. That means leveraging technology and collaboration for revolutionary results. It also means fostering participation in national and local landmen associations across the country, like the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) and Young Professionals in Energy (YPE), and the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), whose company recognition program guarantees that Purple’s landmen are industry certified. Because when bring together the right tools, the right resources and the right people, you can do amazing things.

Meet the Purple Team