Our Story

The Why behind the Way.

In 2010, Bryan Cortney and Jesse Hejny decided they wanted to start a different kind of land services company, one where “going to work” meant “fighting for a cause;” where connections counted less than nose-to-the-grindstone dedication; and where the industry playbook was replaced by more innovative, results-driven methods. These differences became the foundation for our company’s set of values, the Purple Way.

The Purple Way is what we live by. It means taking on everyday challenges in the most ethical manner, being self-motivating and having an entrepreneurial mindset. It means being determined in everything we do, with a unified vision of success for our company, community and country. And it means we highly value education and view knowledge as power. Through our efforts in securing mineral leases for one of the country’s largest natural gas producers, we have discovered how important education in the community is to our industry. Increasing the public’s knowledge of the impact of mineral leasing and natural gas production empowers the residents in these communities and Americans in general.

For the property owners we work with, it becomes so much more than a signature and a check; we offer a full explanation of the lease terms along with a discussion of the activities taking place in their neighborhoods and the long-term economic impact. In educating the public, we develop personal relationships and build trust. Most importantly, we explain the bigger picture in terms of reducing our dependence on foreign oil and establishing our country’s energy security.

We developed this approach working with the energy sector, but the spirit of it applies to everything we do. And it’s really very simple. Be open and aboveboard and make going the extra mile standard operating procedure. Give more than you take.

logo2At Purple Land Management, the way we work is anything but linear, and our logo reflects this. Its circular arrow design reinforces our commitment to ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships as well as our relentless pursuit of new approaches that elevate service and produce extraordinary results.