The Life of a Landman

CNN Money recently had an article on the 25 best jobs in America. On a list of 100 they ranked jobs with the best growth, best pay and the most satisfying work. The position of landman was listed in spot #3. A CNN Money reporter reached out to us to get some insight into what landmen do. With offices across the nation, and landmen from different disciplines and different backgrounds, we were able to provide them with some truly unique landmen experiences. One such story is that of  Brian Kiser from our Denver office. He submitted a story he titled “Have Bike, Will Travel” to The Playbook about a recent assignment that he was given where he was able to really get out in the field. His story tells you a lot about why so many people love being landmen.

Located in the middle of the Unitah Basin, Duschesne Utah is pretty rural. Stark population surrounded by stark beauty, to which the adjacent Starvation State Park is a testament. Centered around Starvation Lake, this ominously named park is framed by the beautiful mesas and buttes Utah is famous for. Three miles from town, down some dirt roads in the park, I found a nice spot on a hilltop being the highest point on the mesa, to park and camp; quiet solitude and 360 degree views of the canyon lands.

I’ve never been too keen on hotels. They seem to remove the opportunity for spontaneity and adventure that traveling can provide. Learning to eschew certain creature comforts has found me in some interesting places over the years. From a tee-pee in New Mexico eating roadkill venison steaks on Thanksgiving, to a drafty squat house during a Tulsa winter full of friendly hobos and pitbulls; I would never trade these experiences for room service and an ice machine. That is not to say this form of travel is for everyone. It’s not. In fact, it appeared I was the only person camped in the entire park. Utah temperatures are already below Colorado  in areas and I supposed that is unappealing to some.

For a week on my private mountaintop I watched the sunset, had campfires, listened to Hand Williams Jr., and fell asleep to roving bands of howling coyotes. And every morning, a quick outdoor shower while watching the sun rise before heading to the courthouse. Who needs coffee when you can pour cold water on your head in 40 degree weather? It’s a jolt to be sure.

During my time in Duschesne, every morning while returning to camp I drove past a large drill site in the midst of being fracked and a new pipeline being buried. I was struck by the unusual inter-connectedness of myself and those workers – their work versus mine. Despite the obvious differences, common ground exists; we’re both functioning as tiny pieces of an Industry supporting an incalculable amount of families industries, and subsidiary infrastructures existing on  a vast, global scale. It was a moment that gave me pause and a little self reflection. So often we’re consumed with the demands of the now – the immediacy of things right in front to four face – that we overlook the bigger picture. As the saying goes, familiarity breed contempt. That is to say, the absence of learning and discovery is the death of thought and growth. I’ve found that for myself, in choosing the unfamiliar, the challenging, the proverbial road less traveled, I’m continually confronting my own preconceptions and redefining my paradigm. And this, for me at least, has proven to be a great thing.

In The News: Jance Floyd on

jancePurple Land Management had the incredible honor of being interviewed by CNNMoney for the newest “Best Jobs in America” article. Our very own Jance Floyd was able to provide some insight on what being a landman is really about, and why we take so much pride in what we do. Congratulations to all landmen, your job is ranked the 3rd best job in America! View the full article here.

In The News: Nathan McIntyre Talks GIS in Permian Basin Oil And Gas Magazine

nats-quoteNathan McIntyre, our Vice President of Land and Technical Operations, was interviewed for an article in the Permian Basin Oil and Gas Magazine. He was one of three people interviewed for the magazine’s article about the world of GIS. In it he provides a deeper understanding as to what GIS is and how that is used to make Overdrive so powerful.


Read the full article to discover the power of Overdrive and GIS!

Sponsorship: OKC Rescue Mission

city-mission-2Purple Land Management was a table sponsor for the Oklahoma City Rescue Mission fund raising event on September 14, 2016. Bob Kelly, General Council at Ascent, is on the City Rescue Mission Board of Directors. Kade Smith, Matt Reser and Serena Evans from Ascent were in attendance. The City Rescue Mission helps the homeless and near homeless in the OKC Area. They served over 20,000 people last year. It’s a Christian based group who provide food, training, shelter and support with the goal of moving them back to independence. There were some wonderful testimonials from several individuals who have benefited greatly from the services provided by The City Rescue Mission. David Brooks said “I intend to do some volunteer work there along with my Son in the coming months. A great cause doing great things for people in need here in OKC. I’m proud of PLM for supporting this effort.” city-mission-1

PLM to Attend Summer NAPE

Purple 1Purple Land Management attended the Summer NAPE expo from August 10th through 11th, 2016. The AAPL debuted their brand new NAPE Theater to allow for the presentation of services and prospects. Nathan McIntyre, our Vice President of Land and Technical Operations was the first speaker and gave an amazing presentation about Overdrive™ powered by Esri®. His speech was posted to Facebook Live and drew traffic to the booth for questions and demonstrations of Overdrive™.

Purple offices were represented by Jesse Hejny, Bryan Cortney, Adrian Macias, Nathan McIntyre, Ryan Barnhart, Arthur Medina, Thomas Carrington, Taylor Stallons and Callie Soltis. It was a very successful event for the company and the attendees were able to catch up with old friends and customers.

We hosted a happy hour at Hearsay on the Green with more than 100 people representing over 50 different companies that PLM does work for across the nation. There was a caricaturist who provided portraits to those at the happy hour. Arthur Medina took a swing at it as well. He found out that he should stick to land work. Thank you to those who attended Summer NAPE!

Purple 7PLM

In The News: PLM Makes Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America

PLM made the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America for the 2nd year! We were featured in the Houston Business Journal list of the Texas based companies featured on Inc. 5000. We came in at 14th in Texas! There were only 17 energy companies in Texas on this list and a handful of Oil and Gas companies on the list. Congratulations to Drillinginfo for making the list as well!


PLM to Attend YPE OKC Event

OKC YPE 4PLM attended the YPE OKC Charity Golf event. Their team dominated the golf tournament. The team consisted of Arthur Medina, Gene Vallandingham, Lindsey Fixley, Chelsea Lewis, Liz Thompson and Christen Morgan. Complete with American flags, walkie talkies (to game plan from separate golf carts), air horns (to let the competition know they were coming), and exploding golf balls (to blast their competitors with dust), they conquered this event. They took home memories, and most importantly, trophies. The Playbook Committee couldn’t hear past the celebratory cheering to get one on one interviews with the team but rumor has it Gene Vallandingham caught 22 pokemon on the course in between rounds of golf. Our team showed the YPE OKC golf event #thepurpleway!


Sponsorship: AAPL Annual Convention

AAPL 4AAPL recently held the annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. The convention is a great event for the oil and gas community, specifically land professionals, to engage in networking and sharpen their knowledge with specific topics. PLM was eager to be a participant in the convention and to visit with industry colleagues. In light of the industry environment, the folks who attended had a positive attitude and continue to work together to embrace the ongoing industry challenges. We are also very grateful for the AAPL’s ongoing effort to continue educating its members and the communities the  industry impacts. Whether it was the award ceremony, the golf outing held, meeting people’s families or the time spent in the lectures, the AAPL did a tremendous job with the event. PLM sponsored the golf tournament which turned out to be good luck for our players. Macias and Medina’s team took first place at the golf tournament. Mary Gray and Chuck Walton of EOG were on the victorious team. The recent Orlando tragedies were kept close to everyone’s mind and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of all of those affected.