Sponsorship: AAPL Annual Convention

AAPL 4AAPL recently held the annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. The convention is a great event for the oil and gas community, specifically land professionals, to engage in networking and sharpen their knowledge with specific topics. PLM was eager to be a participant in the convention and to visit with industry colleagues. In light of the industry environment, the folks who attended had a positive attitude and continue to work together to embrace the ongoing industry challenges. We are also very grateful for the AAPL’s ongoing effort to continue educating its members and the communities the ¬†industry impacts. Whether it was the award ceremony, the golf outing held, meeting people’s families or the time spent in the lectures, the AAPL did a tremendous job with the event. PLM sponsored the golf tournament which turned out to be good luck for our players. Macias and Medina’s team took first place at the golf tournament. Mary Gray and Chuck Walton of EOG were on the victorious team. The recent Orlando tragedies were kept close to everyone’s mind and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of all of those affected.