College Football Season: PLM Alumni Take Center Stage

Purple Land Management is a diverse company employing people from many backgrounds and experience levels. While many PLM’ers may know that company co-Founders Jesse Hejny and Bryan Cortney played for TCU, you may not know just how many other college players we currently have on staff.

In the midst of football season, we wanted to highlight landmen this month who played football at the collegiate level. You could assemble a pretty good starting lineup with just PLM alumni!

From TCU to Notre Dame, and quarterbacks to linebackers, the credentials of our employees are impressive. Not only do these employees bring their competitive and driven edge to the workplace, but they have invested countless hours into their own personal growth and development though intensive training, play time, and coaching in their football careers.

“Football taught me how to deal with adversity and how to work hard to achieve the goals that I had in front of me.  Football showed me how to get back up again and play the next play, but to learn from my mistakes. Playing collegiate football taught me how to manage my time.  Playing football and going to school were two different full-time jobs that had to fit into my schedule each day,” said Ben Angeley, former right guard for TCU.

Purple is honored to have such great employees on our team. Go Purple!