PLM to Attend YPE OKC Event

OKC YPE 4PLM attended the YPE OKC Charity Golf event. Their team dominated the golf tournament. The team consisted of Arthur Medina, Gene Vallandingham, Lindsey Fixley, Chelsea Lewis, Liz Thompson and Christen Morgan. Complete with American flags, walkie talkies (to game plan from separate golf carts), air horns (to let the competition know they were coming), and exploding golf balls (to blast their competitors with dust), they conquered this event. They took home memories, and most importantly, trophies. The Playbook Committee couldn’t hear past the celebratory cheering to get one on one interviews with the team but rumor has it Gene Vallandingham caught 22 pokemon on the course in between rounds of golf. Our team showed the YPE OKC golf event #thepurpleway!