In the Office: PLM Recognizes David Johns as May Landman of the Month

May Landman of the Month goes to David Johns, a.k.a. “DJ” in the PLM Midland office! David is a project manager who moved to Midland from the Fort Worth office a little over a year ago. Since moving, he has been an integral part of the team in the Permian office. He now oversees a leasing project, which is the first leasing project to be headed out of Midland. David also contributes to the recruiting process to help continue to build a great team out in the Permian Basin.

DJ is always willing to help and answer questions at any time, even on his busiest days. He continually has a great attitude and motivates the whole office to work hard and be their best self! He is a great role model since he is always kind, funny, and hard-working, no matter the

circumstance. His one-of-a-kind mustache is the official Permian mascot and always keeps the spirit of the office high when it is around! The Permian office is grateful for DJ and would not be where they are today without him.

Please join Purple in congratulating David Johns on being named May Landman of the Month!

In the Office: PLM Recognizes Matt Tomich as April Landman of the Month

Matt Tomich represents the leasing component of the Gas and Oil Industry in the most professional way and displays expertise that paves the way for other landmen. He is always willing to help someone out no matter how busy he is. Matt ensures Ascent Resources has the right to use, drill on, or pump through property owned by individuals and local businesses in our area by obtaining signed leases weekly.

Matt is a role model to other landmen in areas of leadership, negotiations skills, and demonstration of pertinent knowledge pertaining to the tri-state area. Matt is obtaining a MBA and yet, has not showed any signs of stress while in our office. He keeps everyone at the St. Clairsville 2 office laughing and informed. Matt brings a light and fun feeling to the office, but also pushes everyone to do their best and be the best landman they can be. He is an amazing co-worker who represents Purple Land Management to the highest standard.

Please join Purple in congratulating Matt Tomich on being named April Landman of the Month!

In the Office: PLM Recognizes Cori Willett as March Landman of the Month

Cori joined PLM in 2011 and has been an integral part of the team essentially since her start. Cori bought experience gained while writing Title Opinions for a Fort Worth law firm and was able to jump onto special projects, literally, on day #1. Having spent much of her early years at Purple working high maintenance and often very complex West Texas title projects, she eventually became our team’s go-to West Texas title manager. Her knack for complex title combined with her ability and drive to network within the industry has allowed Cori to carry PLM teams far; she has been a vital piece of the equation in working to build upon and diversify PLM’s customer base in Fort Worth and Midland.

In 2017 she was responsible for bringing in multiple new West Texas customers to PLM who have brought sustainable and long-term work to dozens of landmen who are still working for these customers today. Cori is well known and well regarded at industry events due to her constant willingness to represent PLM teams at happenings across the region and she is a much-appreciated, top tier, hard-working member of the family.

In her free time, Cori enjoys being outdoors with her dog Jax (named after Adrian Macias’s dog, Jax), eating top-tier chips at the best local patios and partaking in karaoke with her friends. Please join us in congratulating Cori Willett as being named PLM’s March Landman of the Month!


In the Office: PLM Recognizes Andrew Arnot as February Landman of the Month

Andrew has been a key member of the Permian team in Fort Worth for several months.  Most recently he helped execute a large scale due diligence project that required a great deal of organization and attention to detail.  Andrew has quickly excelled and established himself as a leader and asset on the Permian team.  He takes the initiative to teach others and finds ways in which to better streamline processes throughout the duration of a project.  From the simplest task to the most complicated, Andrew always strives for excellence and takes pride in his work product.  He is always the first to volunteer when there is an urgent need even if it is over a weekend or holiday.

Andrew sets an incredible example of work ethic and professionalism not just for the Permian remote team, but the entire Fort Worth office.  Please join us in congratulating our February Landman of the Month, Andrew Arnot.

Megan Slabach Named 2017 Don Thoms Landman of the Year

PLM is pleased to announce that Megan Slabach is the 2017 Don Thoms Landman of the Year.  Megan has been an anchor in the Canton office for nearly five years. She started as a member of Land Administration where she helped build some of PLM’s most essential standard operating procedures. Mrs. Slabach is currently PLM’s Sr. Solutions Architect and is responsible for overseeing PLM and Overdrive’s back-end project management infrastructure, reporting, and land metrics.

Megan has also excelled at project work and helped design and construct a reporting process on a large-scale leasing project that would later form the basis for Overdrive (PLM’s Land Management Platform that has since been designed on the Esri ArcGIS Platform). Megan spent several months in PLM’s remote field office in Mississippi where she helped develop a system for organizing entire courthouse title plants within Overdrive.

“To say Megan is a ‘life-saver’ is an understatement,” said Adrian Macias, PLM Vice President of Land. “PLM’s growth would not have been possible without her ability to streamline processes, manage data, and work with customers on unique problems that run outside of the ordinary title and leasing process.”

This year, Megan has helped one of the largest oil and gas families in the US (with assets in 22 different states) re-organize a billion dollar asset base and capture properties that weren’t properly in pay or needed corrective action. “Megan is an incredibly humble professional who is quietly working behind the scenes to keep the ship on course. She is my right hand woman and always brings a different and necessary perspective to the projects we work on together. I am proud to call her a colleague and am excited to see what 2018 has in store for her career at PLM,” said Nathan McIntyre, VP of Technical Operations.

Mrs. Slabach is repeatedly given tight deadline projects from company management because of her absolute attention to detail, work ethic, and ability to leverage technology to create efficiencies in operations. PLM is honored to have her on staff and pleased to congratulate her as the 2018 Don Thoms Landman of the Year.  Congratulations, Megan!

Mission Statement: The Purple Way

By: Jance Floyd

The foundation of our company is its mission statement.  Purple Land Management’s mission is threefold: to hire the naturally ambitious and provide ongoing education outreach, to execute projects with the highest quality of excellence and detail, and to establish working relationships that give more than they take.  We will take this mission statement and divide it into several parts, discussing and analyzing each in order that we can better understand why we are unique.  Why we are unique for those individuals looking to join our team, why we are unique for those currently on our team, and why we are unique from the point of view of our clients and communities.

1. To hire the natural ambitious and provide educational outreach

In order for any team to be effective, this point is critical.  It may appear at first glance that this is simply a statement that goes to the heart of what Purple searches for in team members, however, dissecting it further reveals that this instead is a quality of Purple that is more important to its people.  It also answers two of the questions laid out before: why we are unique for those individuals looking to join our team, and why we are unique for those currently on our team.

Why we are unique for those looking to join our team

In times such as these where strong companies show their mettle, it is vital to understand why individuals in the industry would want to join our team.  The answer to this question is hidden in this first portion of the mission statement. For those looking to join our team, we are unique in that our company is represented by a wide swath of diverse characters each though having one trait in common, they are qualified.  When someone looks for a company to be a part of, they should have as a prerequisite this exact subject.  Only in a space such as this will a person be able to most fully realize their capabilities.  At Purple, you can rely on your co-workers for educational growth, for motivational inspiration, and personal support.

Why we are unique for those currently on our team

It is easy from the outside to determine that Purple’s team is qualified, but what is more difficult to determine is the next point, which is coincidentally also the answer to why individuals on our team feel we are unique as a company. Ambition is defined as a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.  Due to the hiring standards, ambition is engrained in our company with every new member’s arrival.  It fosters an environment that is occupied by a shared longing for success and a willingness for hard work.  While most entities in the professional realm have this to a degree, many stop at this point and simply say they have the people and that is just fine.  Not here.  Purple adds the key ingredient so that ambition can be realized to its fullest potential- opportunity.  Whether its project variation, role promotion, or location permeability, the access for the tangible realization of ambition is present.  You don’t work hard for nothing, and you don’t use your determination on a hamster wheel, upward mobility is real.  You can realize results.

Purple’s emphasis on continuing education, skill development, and educational outreach is another reason we are unique to our team members. Whether it is AAPL seminars, energy conferences, or CLE classes, we promote an atmosphere that encourages advancement both personally and professionally.

2. To execute projects with the highest quality of excellence and detail

The second and third sections of the mission statement address why we as a company are unique to our clients and communities.  How did we start only eight years ago and achieve the success we have thus far?  That is a question that should be juxtaposed onto that aforementioned section as the two are answered in the same manner.  It is because we are unique to our clients and communities in the amount of emphasis we place on our product, project execution and relationships.

What we are producing is equally important as how we produce it.  It starts with the product.  Our work product is second to none. It starts with Overdrive powered by Esri, a data control platform that allows clients a by-landmen for-landmen project management solution, enabling the most cost efficient and streamlined service for any and all industry endeavors. It provides a cloud housed, second by second updated platform, which prevents duplication and waste while allowing for an inside look for things such as cost parameters and project outlook, all an accessible secured environment. That is what you are a part of. We are NOT a run sheet sweatshop with no oversight and speed as our only objective. That is why we endure, because our product is unique and our processes are foundationally solid and compatible for future growth.

Our mission statement requires our commitment to continued excellence in quality and detail.  We can make the finest of products, but without quality in the details, we fall short. Each and every member of the team must understand this to their core.  While Person A puts on fenders, Person B screws in bumpers, and C installs lights; each individual task is meaningless without the commitment of everyone in an overall goal and objective of excellence.  The car doesn’t come together if not. Be proud of your work, and understand that in part, your successes and failures directly affect those around you.  Wear your work ethic as a badge of honor, laboring in search of extending its breadth and depth daily.

3. To establish working relationships that give more than they take

Lastly, relationships.  While housed at the end of the mission statement, this is the absolute highest quality of Purple Land Management.  It is our lifeblood, our mojo, our heart and soul. Whether discussing internal or external or community relationships, each is as important as the next.  If you strive to strengthen your relationships with your fellow co-workers, your clients, and your community to a point of them being substantially sound, your advantages are too numerous to count.

We take our relationships seriously.  I was recently reading an article and came across a reference to what one needs in professional relationships. In the article 10 Tips for Building Strong Professional Relationships, writer Frank Gullo, from The Superior Group cites a scene from the film Sideways, in which the lead character while speaking of wine grapes, says, “It’s not a survivor like Cabernet, which can just grow anywhere and thrive even when neglected.  No, Pinot needs constant care and attention… only the most patient and nurturing of growers can do it, really.  Only somebody who really takes the time to understand Pinot’s potential can then coax it into its fullest expression.”  When I read this quotation, I immediately stopped and pondered on how great a description it is, not simply of grapes, but in regard to relationships.

The successful relationships PLM is a partner in are like the Pinot.  Not everyone has the relationships we have.  They have been incubated with constant care and attention, utilizing patience and persistence to nurture until they reach their fullest potential.  We give every ounce of our attention and energy into developing these relationships not because of short term gratification, but instead, because we understand that long term viability in this industry precipitates the need for unshakeable relationships as the infrastructure of our entity.

It is not simply clients that we focus our relationship standards upon, but also the communities in which we serve.  From Bakersfield to Canonsburg, and Dickinson to Houston, our communities are as important as every other aspect to our operational success.  We can make endless lists of fundraising and philanthropic events, such as our relationship with Catholic Charities, clothes drives, food drives, etc. However, it is also important that we acknowledge the roles our team members play in our communities nation-wide.  Veterans, mentors, Junior Club Members, Deacons, kid’s sport coaches, volunteers, fundraisers, and hundreds of others making a positive difference in our communities.  That is what we are proud of and rest assured that PLM’s greatest asset is YOU.

Our mission statement is exactly why we are unique.  To those wishing to join our team, for those on our team, for those who are clients, and for those communities we serve, it is not a mission that we have, it is a mission that has us.  We are committed to each and every word of our statement, and will continue to use these bedrock principles.

Mutualism between Paleontology and the Petroleum Industry

By: Dakota Barella

Since humans first inhabited the Earth, we have been at least somewhat curious of life in previous times. We have desired to extract resources from the Earth since first finding a use for them. But, did you know the two go hand-in-hand? Paleontologists use the information gathered from exploration and extraction teams just as the said teams use the knowledge of paleontologists to help drill.

Let’s look at how the study of ancient life has benefited from oil and gas production. In 1944, Hunt Oil Company drilled an exploratory well in Madison County, FL named J. W. Gibson No. 2. At a depth of 5,162 feet, a fossil was found. The trilobite, Colpocoryphe exsul, is an extinct marine invertebrate that lived around 470 million years ago. This was the first and only trilobite ever found in Florida. The discovery also helped lead scientists to a more profound realization. The same species is found in two other localities around the world, one of them being West Africa. This one fossil provided evidence that peninsular Florida was once attached to what we now call West Africa.

Conversely, paleontology helps exploratory geologists find economically viable oil and gas using fossils. Conodonts are an extinct marine animal that left behind mineralized microfossils similar to teeth. By using the CAI (Conodont Alteration Index), where scientists look at the color of the conodont fossils, we can get an indication of the thermal maturation of the kerogen in the subsurface. The darker the fossil, the more thermally mature and the more likely the formation is to be productive for gas. Knowing if there is oil and/or gas underground can spare companies from expenses related to drilling dry wells. This exact scenario occurred in the Hudson Bay Basin in Canada when researchers used this method to determine that the kerogen of the Boas River Shale is too immature to produce oil.

This mutualism exists because even though paleontologists acquire information from the petroleum companies, the industry benefits in the long run by having more advanced knowledge of the subsurface. The industry’s employment of paleontologists has declined a good deal in recent decades, however, it is important as ever to understand the rocks beneath our feet.

In the Office: PLM Recognizes Jen Amendola as December Landman of the Month

Jen has been part of the Purple team for more than 5 years. Jen loves her cat, Harvey, Batman, and she has a particular fondness of maps. Jen is an avid exercise enthusiast and participates in the occasional CrossFit competition. Outside of the office Jen is quite the cook. A select few have had the opportunity to try some of Jen’s homemade pasta sauce and meatballs (Stark County’s “Best in Show” at the 96’ Italy’s Great Festival) or her famous raspberry oatmeal bars which are seasonally available for special occasions.

Jen is famous in that Nathan McIntyre personally hired her away from her previous employer as he knew she would be key in building a GIS department. She has gone on to prove herself as an amazing asset to not only the company, but the GIS department as a whole. Since her hire, Jen has maintained a heavy client load including some of PLM’s largest eastern clients; she has been dubbed “Mrs. ODNR” for her tireless efforts in the realm of all things Ohio Oil and Gas.

Jen demonstrates a level of professionalism, leadership, and dedication to her position that sets the bar high for other analysts in the department. Her approach to getting things done the way they should be is unbeatable. Much of the company’s success can be accredited in some part to her skill, hard work, and incredible efficiency. We appreciate everything that Jen has done both openly and behind the scenes to keep Purple GIS on the leading edge. Congratulations, Jen!


On November 14, 2017, Purple Land Management Fort Worth hosted a charity happy hour at Grace benefiting Braden Baker’s Hearing Aid Awareness fundraising initiative. Drinks were served by PLM’s very own celebrity bartenders, Ryan Barnhart and Don Thoms. While they did an excellent job, we think they should stick to their day job!

Braden, a Fort Worth native, is a hearing impaired 11-year-old who gained recent media attention after his appearance on the Ellen show. After his dog, Chewy, ate his hearing aids twice, Braden’s parents encouraged him to give back to those less fortunate than himself. Braden’s goal is to raise money and travel the world to distribute hearing aids to hearing impaired people who cannot afford them.

PLM raised $500 that was donated to Braden’s Bakers Hearing Aid Awareness!  Additional donations can be made here.  Purple is always proud to support the local community and give back, The Purple Way. Thank you to all of our employees for your generosity!

In the Office: PLM Recognizes Dan Thomas as November Landman of the Month

Dan Thomas joined PLM just over two years ago and brings a world of in-house experience with him to PLM’s Rockies office. His time in-house and as a field landman has proven extremely valuable to the Denver team, especially on complex quick turnaround due diligence projects where understanding the seller’s files and asset is of paramount importance.

As a great credit to Dan, he is far more than a source for advice alone. He dives into the front line of projects along with the rest of the team, working any assignment tasked to him no matter how simple or complex. Congratulations on being named November Landman of the Month, Dan!