The Purple Way

Put “Business as usual” on notice.

More than a mantra, the Purple Way is why we get up in the morning. It’s a set of principles that embodies what we believe and informs how we operate. And it means great things for our clients, our communities and our country.

The Purple Way is about going above and beyond. Pushing the limits of what’s possible. Give more than you take. For our clients, it means we’re committed to being incredibly accurate, extremely efficient and doggedly results-oriented. For our communities, it means helping create jobs and stimulate the economy. For our country, it means being passionate about the domestic energy cause and working tirelessly to help reduce our dependence on foreign energy resources.

There’s the usual way of doing things. Then there’s the Purple way. For us, it’s not enough to follow trends. It’s not enough to rest on our past successes. And it’s not enough to provide the “same-old, same-old.” So while our services are based on tried and true formulas, they’re reinvigorated by unconventional thinking that means better results.