What We Do

We’re not your father’s landmen.

We provide:

GISOverdrive-icon-tm Overdrive™
Our in-house GIS experts provide multi-dimensional mapping services that give clients increased visibility into all aspects of a project. With the application of cloud sourced data, our GIS moves beyond the physical and geographical limits of desktop devices. By integrating visual systems from various database formats, we can capture real-time information that enables faster, more accurate decision-making. Simply put, we do much more than just make maps — we present a full picture. Learn more
book Project Management
Purple Land Management provides complete project management services anywhere our clients need us. Strategic vision and big-picture thinking allow our landmen to guide a project from conception to completion in strict accordance with schedule and budget.
page Title Services
From due diligence to title curative, Purple’s title services provide the kind of accuracy that allows our clients to pursue and confirm lease agreements with confidence. Our stand-up title division can also help operators drill wells faster, and more efficiently, with a streamlined system that is proven to deliver results certifying title.
head Lease Negotiation and Acquisition
Purple Land Management helps our clients secure leases through a combination of careful research and excellent communication. We conduct preliminary title checks to determine ownership, then work with potential lessors in an open, transparent fashion to educate them about the benefits of developing their oil and gas rights – and to represent them once a lease is executed.
purple-icon_0002_Vector-Smart-Object Virtual Data Rooms
Purple has the technology to acquire data, set up data rooms for A&D activities, present that data in analytical maps, and present data sets to potential buyers and sellers.
purple-icon_0010_Vector-Smart-Object Pre and Post Acquisition Due Diligence
Purple has a team dedicated to tackling virtually any size acquisition from top to bottom. We use a combination of licensed attorneys and experienced landmen to prepare a comprehensive valuation and inventory of assets, while scrubbing for any pressing title defects. Our team archives and manages every piece of data that is reviewed, making post-acquisition work more efficient and run smoothly.
purple-icon_0000_Vector-Smart-Object Contract Preparation and Analysis
As the industry expands and evolves, so too do acquisitions and divestitures. We review terms and determine defects to deliver accurate assessments of oil and gas contracts and associated transactions during the pre-closing period.
purple-icon_0007_Vector-Smart-Object Division Order Analysis and Payout Audit
With a highly experienced team of title experts, we make sure that the correct rights and revenues are going to the correct people at the correct time. It’s all about meeting lease provisions, protecting owners and adhering to statutes.
purple-icon_0004_Vector-Smart-Object Mineral Management
We help turn rights into rewards. Through our Overdrive™ system, we build internal databases designed to ensure that our clients capitalize on the value of their minerals at every opportunity.
add Digital Imaging
A key component of Overdrive™ system, digital imaging centralizes geographical and visual data – establishing reference points, monuments, and true boundaries – so it can be updated and accessed 24/7, wherever our clients are located. It’s all designed to save time, increase accuracy and boost your bottom line.
arrows Right-of-Way Acquisition
When it comes to right-of-way acquisition, the most up-to-date technology means the most accurate results. Purple Land Management uses highly integrated GIS modeling services that facilitate efficient pipeline easements to save clients time and money.
surface Surface Operations
Surface disputes can cause a project to stall — and when that happens, nobody wins. Our surface operations team has both the technical expertise and the people skills to successfully negotiate and settle surface damages and acquire additional surface agreements necessary to keep the rigs moving.
purple-icon_0006_Vector-Smart-Object Surveying
From the big picture to the smallest detail, our surveying teams use the most advanced equipment to precisely identify and record geographic data as it relates to leasing, drilling, right of way, and more.
purple-icon_0005_Vector-Smart-Object Well Site Consulting
From planning to production, we bring our formidable experience in the oil and gas industry to well site consulting. We scout and identify surface locations that are favorable to our clients in terms of: accessibility, regulatory and environmental compliance, and standard industry practice benchmarking.
purple-icon_0001_Vector-Smart-Object Historical Well Audits
Everything old is new again, thanks to advanced technology that revitalizes regions with historical production. And thanks to Purple’s dedication to innovation, we’re perfectly positioned to handle the auditing and inspection of historic wells for future development. We also ensure that third party and state databases are accurate in determining the status of previously developed oil and gas wells.