Playing the field.


We got our start in oil and gas, but our comprehensive land services translate into successful projects for a variety of industries.

Energy Services

We got our start in the oil and gas industry, and it’s still our core service offering. We provide lease acquisition, title and GIS services to energy producers and mid-stream operators of all sizes across the United States. We believe our work in this capacity is a crucial part of a revolution that will free our country from dependence on foreign energy resources, making us stronger and more secure.

Public Works

Local and state projects are often extremely complex, with complicated funding, oversight and management issues creating potential roadblocks at every turn. That’s why we offer a variety of services, including right-of-way acquisition, utility and seismic permitting and project management, ensuring public agencies are able to keep things moving.


Cell service. High-speed Internet. Video-on-demand. From work to play, every aspect of modern life has become increasingly dependent on reliable communication networks. And that makes efficient, expert services that support their creation more important than ever before. We provide a range of services for the communications industry, including project management, title research and curative, permitting, GIS and right-of-way.

Estate Management & Trusts

As natural gas gets more and more play across the country, trust departments must contend with complicated chain of title and ownership issues when property changes hands. It requires highly detailed and time-consuming research that professionals at Purple Land Management can take on and execute with efficiency and accuracy, providing banking and trust clients with peace of mind – and comprehensive documentation – that they’re providing the right beneficiaries with the right amounts.